Activists To Deliver 'Spines' To Chuck Schumer To Protest Cabinet Confirmations

A coalition of activists called #NotOneInch are planning a poignant and unique form of protest today: delivering a number of “back-up spines” to Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s apartment in Brooklyn, New York.

The protestors are organizing in response to Schumer’s vote to approve three of President Donald Trump’s cabinet members: Mike Pompeo, James Mattis and Mike Flynn.

The “spines” will include cardboard signs, cut-outs and plastic skeleton spines ― a tongue-in-cheek dig at what they perceive to be cowardly moves by Schumer.

“When will spineless Democrats get it through their heads that we demand ZERO COLLABORATION with the Trump/extreme GOP agenda? ZERO,” Tim Murphy, co-founder of #NotOneInch and active member of Gays Against Guns (GAG), told The Huffington Post. “It is infuriating that Schumer thinks just because he’s sitting pretty in his Senate seat for six more years, he can afford to vote yes on SOME of these terrifying cabinet picks to preserve some dealmaking leverage with Republicans. NO.”

#NotOneInch is an affinity group of larger NYC anti-Trump action group Rise & Resist that calls on Democrats to budge “not one inch” to President Trump and the GOP’s agenda.

#NotOneInch engaged in a similar form of protest outside of Schumer’s Brooklyn home just weeks ago, urging the senator to defy then President-Elect Trump and his policies.

“We want the world to understand that he voted ‘yes’ for a man who supports torture and blames Muslims broadly for terrorism,” Murphy, who recently published the critically-acclaimed novel “Christodora” about the history and legacy of AIDS, continued. “We want the world to know that we need Chuck and other Dems right now to STAND UP for morality and ethics in 100 percent obstruction against this dark power grab we’re facing and STOP worrying about their career chess game, trying to split the difference. Do the job you we are paying you for and grow a spine before it’s too late, dammit!”

The #NotOneInce “GET A SPINE, Chuck!” protest outside of Senator Schumer’s home will take place at 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 28. Head here for more information.

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Source: HuffPost Black Voices

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