Help The Huffington Post and ProPublica Document Hate

A cloud of fear has settled over many Americans since Donald Trump was elected president.

Since Nov. 8, people have been shot, synagogues have been threatened, and even children aren’t spared from bigotry. But how much are these acts of hate on the rise?

It’s hard to say. That’s because there’s no comprehensive government database that tracks violence, harassment, vandalism, intimidation or bullying motivated by hate.

To better understand what is happening around the country, The Huffington Post has partnered with ProPublica, a nonprofit news organization dedicated to investigative journalism, and other news outlets to create a database of reported acts of hate and bias incidents. By gathering this information, we will create a clearer picture of what is happening in America.

If you have been the victim of a hate crime or witnessed someone else being attacked, tell us about it by filling in the form below. Please include your contact information, so reporters can follow up with you to investigate the incident.

The form is not a report to law enforcement or any government agency.

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Source: HuffPost Black Voices

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