Kevin Hart Responds To Dave Chappelle Calling Him Out On Netflix

If you felt a sudden chill while watching Netflix recently, it probably came during Dave Chappelle’s jokes about Kevin Hart. Apparently when Chappelle took his son to see one of Hart’s shows, the latter pulled a pretty cold move.

In his first comedy special on Netflix — which happened to be his first LA show in 10 years — Chappelle recalled what happened, saying he was slightly miffed by all the success Hart was having. Then, after taking his son backstage, Hart gave the kid a custom jersey with “K. Hart” stitched on it.

“Your father ever makes you mad, put that on,” Hart apparently told his son.

“Oh, that was some cold shit,” said Chappelle. “Then I realized, looked up, what Kevin made on Google. I couldn’t believe that shit. Kevin is the first comedian that a Drake song could be about. Kevin could walk around his house and sing, ‘All Me’ and the whole song would still be true.” 

Now, Hart is responding.

While answering fan questions on Twitter, the comedian said he thought the bit was “amazing.” 

But Twitter is full of trolls who don’t want anyone to have fun, so one person just wanted Hart to know that Chappelle was funnier than him. The comedian handled it well.

Actually, he might even agree with the statement. Hart has previously said in a 2013 interview, “You can’t compare anybody to Dave Chappelle.”

Just in case you still weren’t clear on where he stood on the bit, he even cited Chappelle as one of his favorite comedians.

This guy’s got Hart.

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