President Trump's Immigration Plans

The current national political controversy over Immigration is a direct result of the failure of both Republican and Democratic party leadership to deal forthrightly with a decade smoldering problem. The consequences of this failure are reflected in the efforts of President Trump to address this problem by a series of Executive Orders.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress for decades just kicked the can down the road, hoping somehow, someday, a solution would be found, even if “not on their watch”.

Meanwhile, millions of American were trying to understand and adjust to the changing debate about illegal immigration. Principally opportunists’ Democratic leaders in Congress reframed the definition of the problem from “illegal immigration” to “undocumented” persons entitled to special protection in “sanctuary cities”.

However, millions of those same concerned Americans, still regarded “undocumented” persons to be illegal immigrants, whom they believed, rightly or wrongly, were in some ways responsible for their loss of jobs, rising crime, and drug trafficking occurring in their communities. Add to this, incendiary series of acts of terror, that occurred in several States across our nation, directly or indirectly tied or attributed to “Muslim extremists” living or who recently entered our country.

The candidacy of Donald Trump to become POTUS directly tapped into this growing fear and frustration and enabled him to be successfully elected. During his campaign, he told us exactly what he planned to do if elected. So, one of the first Executive Orders during his first week was to impose a 90-day freeze or ban on immigration from certain designated countries he believes have been most associated with acts or potential acts of terror within or against our country.

In an editorial in this past Saturday’s New York Times, The Times noted that:
“Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, no one has been killed in the United States in a terrorist attack by anyone who emigrated from or whose parents emigrated from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, the seven countries targeted in the order’s 120-day visa ban, according to Charles Kurzman, a sociology professor at the University of North Carolina.”

The report continued:

“There was a random quality to the list of countries: It excluded Saudi Arabia and Egypt, where the founders of Al Qaeda and many other jihadist groups have originated. Also excluded are Pakistan and Afghanistan, where persistent extremism and decades of war have produced militants who have occasionally reached the United States. Notably, perhaps, the list avoided Muslim countries where Mr. Trump has major business ventures.”

President Trump’s flawed Executive Order does not address the fundamentals of the illegal immigration issue recited above. Court challenges will eventually to go to our United States Supreme Court. Trump appointees to the Court are more likely than not to sustain his actions.

The only force capable of potentially restraining the President and his appointees to the Court is massive nationwide protest demonstrations,24.7 that say to the President, Congress and the Court: “NO, NO, NO! NOT ON OUR WATCH! NOT IN OUR LIFETIME!!”


As we have repeatedly said in earlier blogs, quoting Toni Morrison, “We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For”!

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