Trevor Noah Went On A 3-Minute Rant About The Power Of The Vagina

Trevor Noah recently released a hilarious stand-up special for Netflix ― and during it he made sure to praise pussies. 

Noah dedicated an entire segment of “Afraid of the Dark,” which was filmed during the 2016 New York Comedy Festival, to the power of the pussy. He laments the use of the word “pussy” as an insult that implies weakness:

Have you ever come across a pussy? You realize vaginas can start revolutions and end wars. You realize, even on a physical level, the vagina is one of the strongest things that have ever existed. Virtually indestructible…The vagina is frighteningly powerful. You realize that human beings come out of a vagina.

Human beings come out and still it continues to work as intended. Do you understand how impressive that is? A human being comes out of the vagina. And still, it continues to operate, it continues to work, after a human has just come out. You’re saying it’s weak? You just sit on a penis wrong and it breaks. “Don’t be a penis,” that should be the phrase. I wish I was a pussy. 

This is also not the first time Noah has given a shoutout to “strong, powerful” vaginas ― in December of 2015, he performed a similar segment on “The Daily Show” after a Fox News pundit called then-President Barack Obama a “total pussy.”

“I’ve never understood this because vaginas are such strong, powerful things,” he said. 

Hear, hear! 

Check out “Afraid of the Dark” on Netflix now. 

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